The Power of Iris

Discover the the power of Iris and why brands across the world are switching on Conversational AI to improve customer satisfaction, automate conversations, process transactions and grow.


Win the battle to reduce response times.

First contact resolution converts customers into advocates.

As customer expectations continue to rise, businesses must better their customer service offering to stay competitive. Use Iris to start troubleshooting from the moment the customer reaches out. Make the most of the human resources you’ve invested in by allowing them to provide human touch that sets your business apart.

Provide your customers with the answers they need, when they need them and wherever they ask them.

Free your sales and support teams from repetition.

Reset a pin, track a package, find a location and opening hours, answer frequently asked questions.

Allow your team to focus on high-value interactions while Iris takes on the mundane and repetitive. Use Iris to pre-qualify support tickets, track deliveries and answer frequently asked questions. Start small, test and learn, refine and roll out solutions as your community grows and new opportunities emerge.

Always-on support for the customer inquiries that are core to your business, no matter the time of day.


Process payments and donations within a conversation.

Increase conversions by allowing transactions where conversations happen.

Reduce the path to purchase by making payments available within messaging applications. Leverage customer relationships to make in-conversation sales and take advantage of current media coverage to appeal for donations. Start accepting online payments, donations, subscriptions and more through your existing social media presence.

Increase the opportunity for sales from your promotions by opening new channels to payment.

Simplify the challenge of multiple channels.

Switching on a new social channel is as easy as plug and play.

Build on Iris’ capabilities as your business grows, without worrying about volume charges. You have the freedom to update and improve your offering by editing the single source of truth powering every conversation. Build once, deploy as many times as you need, wherever you want. 

Power your sales and support channels with full integration to internal systems and external inputs. 


Complete the continuous improvement cycle.

Clear metrics and insightful analytics on what’s working and what needs improvement.

Plan new conversations and improvements and test in a private environment; you have complete control over what your customers experience at all times. Explore why customers abandon a conversation at a certain point, refine language, reduce steps and hone your offering. Use unanswered queries to keep building your offering.

Expand and modify an existing experience easily with the confidence of genuine insight.

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Focus on the dialogue and let
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Supporting all major platforms, Iris becomes
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to customer conversations.


Not your everyday ‘chatbot’,
Iris is a conversational AI.

Smart enough to understand customers in natural language, thread the conversation together and respond in multiple languages.


See meaningful ROI from
your social channels.

As the volume and demand increases, watch Iris scale, keeping the messaging consistent, on brand and in your voice.


A professional suite of
conversation tools in one place.

Ready for social managers, customer service
agents, marketing teams and developers
to design, build, deploy and analyse.