Samsung Australia DM TV Assistant


Samsung ran a Twitter campaign inviting people to start a private conversation via Direct Message to explore the new  range of Samsung QLED televisions. Twitter users could find the perfect Samsung TV for their needs by answering a few simple questions.


The customer clicked the "Find your ideal TV" button from a Promoted tweet and entered a Direct Message conversation with Samsung. After answering five simple questions designed to determine the size, shape, resolution and mounting preference of their ideal TV, the customer received a recommendation that best met their expressed needs. The experience then provided a link to the Samsung website where the potential customer could find out more detailed information and buy their new TV.


Iris' Conversational AI and Product Configurator Module was programmed using data from a select range of Samsung television models and relevant specifications, pricing details and Samsung's customer segmentation information. The product configurator processed the customer's answers and ranked the recommendations to according to budget, space, and aesthetic choices.


The average customer spent 1 minute 15 seconds in the experience, and half of all customers answered the quiz a second time.

Over 90% of the users who started the quiz, completed the quiz.

The TV Assistant ran in isolation from Samsung's regular customer service experience path. Only Twitter users who clicked through from the promoted tweet would enter the TV Assistant experience, giving the Customer Care Team a clear overview of their customers.