Jack in the Box Twitter Coupons

Jack in the Box is an American fast-food restaurant chain primarily serving the West Coast of the United States and selected large urban areas in the eastern portion of the US including Texas.


Jack in the Box wanted to run a series of promotional campaigns on Twitter, where people in Dallas, San Francisco and Las Vegas could receive a coupon via Direct Message specific to their city. Jack in the Box also wanted anyone who saved the coupon to receive a reminder via DM two days before the coupon was set to expire.


Working directly with Twitter, Proxima designed an experience that was only accessible through the DM cards promoted by Jack in the Box. When a Twitter user started a DM conversation with @JackBox they would not have access to the experience or coupons and could speak directly to the customer service team.

Jack in the Box created three highly targeted promotional campaigns using Direct Message Ad cards, concentrating on Dallas, San Francisco and Las Vegas and timed to be visible on users’ timelines during the afternoon and evening. Each advertising campaign ran for a week starting on a Monday and a new campaign started at the start of the next week with a new coupon.

For the first two weeks of the campaign, a single Call To Action (CTA) button was created on the ad card and the user received the coupon as soon as they started a DM conversation. 

For the third week of the campaign, the Jack in the Box team decided to slightly change the user experience. Three CTA buttons were included on the DM card, which all pointed to the same coupon, but increased user engagement.

Utilising the flexibility of the Iris platform, the redemption mechanism was modified so the user had to click a quick reply keyboard to receive the coupon. Iris gives marketing, sales and customer service teams the immediate access and power to change campaigns to meet ever-changing business requirements.


Over 7k unique users clicked to receive a reminder over the three campaign runs, with 4.7k of those in the final run, validating the changes the Jack in the Box team made to the experience.