Motorola India


Motorola India were sponsors for The Rising Pune Supergiant Indian Premier League cricket team for the first time in 2017. Motorola wanted to raise awareness of their sponsorship of the team and remind fans to tune in to the matches.


Motorola promoted a tweet, encouraging fans to retweet to receive a reminder for the remaining 12 Rising Pune Supergiant matches in the IPL series. 


Each public retweet immediately received a reply from @motorolaindia which was powered by Iris, confirming they’d successfully subscribed to the reminders. Any user who wished to opt out of the reminders simply replied #stop to be removed immediately.

Two hours before each RPS Giants game, every fan received a tweet from @motorolaindia, powered by Iris, letting them know the time of the match and reminding them to tune in. Fans further increased the reach of the campaign by retweeting the replies and reminders received from @motorolaindia.


Twitter users retweeting the match reminders earned @motorolaindia an organic reach of more than 651K over the three week campaign with over 1.1k people opting in to receive reminders. All this was achieved with Iris sending over 5k tweets which otherwise would have been sent manually.

How Motorola dominated the IPL 2017 conversation off the field