Honor #LightCatcher Launch


Honor, Huawei’s premium mobile phone brand, wanted to drive engagement and excitement in the lead up to the launch of a new handset at the #LightCatcher event in Berlin. Using the Direct Message platform, Twitter users could explore the current handset range, share their excitement and subscribe for a reminder to tune in to the launch livestream.


The experience was promoted through a Direct Message card as well as being available to anyone who started a DM conversation with @HonorGlobal. Rich media elements were embedded within the conversation, showcasing the existing handset range with videos and images. 

Using Twitter’s Call To Action Button functionality, fans were encouraged to share a video promoting the event, which would also opt them in for a reminder tweet, letting them know when the launch livestream began. 


The experience also provided maps of the venue, the schedule of events and contact details for media inquiries.


The average Twitter user spent 2 mins 37 secs in the experience, and @HonorGlobal reached a further 65,8k potential fans through users sharing the promotional tweet and receiving a reminder.