Twitter Government (@gov)

2016 US Presidential Election Experience


The following campaign was designed to showcase Twitter as a trusted source of relevant and timely information; enabling Twitter users to find information on voting in the 2016 US Presidential Election. Twitter wanted to stimulate greater conversation and encourage voter engagement and turnout by making information relevant, timely and personalised..

Proxima partnered with the Twitter Government and Public Policy teams in the US to deliver this experience.

As the 2016 United States Presidential Election cycle progressed, the Twitter Government team wanted to create a way to provide its people with crucial voting information. Voters needed contextual information on when local registration closed, where their polling places were, names and party affiliation of their candidates, and most importantly which candidates aligned with the voter’s beliefs. The main obstacle posed in delivering accurate election information to the voter was it had to be personally relevant and delivered in a way achievable by the platform.


A two-phased solution was designed using the supervised AI, Natural Language Programming, workflow and module aspects of the Iris Conversation Engine. The Twitter Government team kicked off phase one on the 27th of September by announcing new ways to help voters register for the upcoming election. When someone sent a private Direct Message to Twitter’s @gov account with their 5-digit zip code, that person received an automatic Direct Message response including their state’s voter registration deadline and a personalised link to get registered.

Rock the Vote supplied the voter registration deadlines. Iris parsed zip codes to determine their state then returned a registration link and deadline. Iris also let people know if registration had closed if they tweeted  after the deadline.

Phase two was launched on 02 November 2016, six days prior to the election. Twitter announced the ability for  people to locate their polling place, find out information on their  Federal, State and Local candidates, as well as ballot initiatives and electoral information that applied to their location, all through private Direct Message, powered by Iris. The incorporation of Twitter Cards encouraged people to share their experience.


The end result saw Twitter Government addressing their challenge, presenting their Users with an experience that was both informative and suitable to the platform. Users gained access to a massive repository of contextual voting information at their fingertips in a real-time and conversational format. With each engagement managed and guided by Iris’ Conversation Engine, more and more people were given the opportunity to freely discover the information they needed to make an informed decision.

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