Marketing Engagement


Enhance your marketing capacity with Iris' robust Campaign Toolbox and the dynamic Conversation Engine. Designed to deliver relevant content in an engaging, human way.

Using the intrinsic benefits of Twitter - speed, simplicity, and transparency - Iris allows your brand to automate conversations without compromising on authenticity.

The Iris platform is a united suite of tools comprising a supervised AI, custom workflows, natural language parsing and third party integrations designed to breathe life into automated conversations.


Campaign Toolbox

Engage with your customers via Campaigns, powered by Iris.


Announce the opening of a store, let customers know products are back in stock, or remind them to register before an important deadline. Automatically add customers to a list when they engage with an Iris-supported tweet. Use your lists to communicate with your engaged, qualified audience.


Increase anticipation leading up to an event or generate excitement around a campaign with guaranteed social media involvement. Iris takes the hard work out of competitions by managing entries and announcements.

Dynamic Ads

Imagine running a campaign for a week and your creative updating automatically throughout. Pull the latest content from your API and deliver it through Iris for the easiest, most relevant campaign you’ve ever created.

Tailored Audiences

Create custom audiences using data you already have, or repurpose data collected from Iris to surprise, delight and reward your most engaged advocates.


Conversation Engine

Enhance your customer service capability, tailored for you, integrated the way you need.


Build and deliver automated, conversational experiences. Offer the flexibility of public one-to-one engagement, or transition from public to private with no loss of context.

Made to Measure

Design a conversation journey. Deliver personalised content, diverse contextual responses, and intelligent recommendations based on your customer's needs.

Always On

Encourage customers to engage with your curated content whenever it suits them. Enhance your social media marketing capacity by using Iris to work hand in hand with above or below the line campaigns.

Intelligent Architecture

The Conversation Engine provides a solution previously available only through bespoke, static systems.  Power your conversations with Iris. A dynamic and practical approach to achieving your customer engagement goals.