Customer Service


Never miss an opportunity to help your customers with the Iris Conversation Engine. Free your team to focus on providing more in-depth support. Extend your service capacity and deliver relevant information in an engaging, human way.

Using the intrinsic benefits of Twitter - speed, simplicity, and transparency - Iris allows you to automate conversations without compromising on authenticity.

The Iris platform is a united suite of tools comprised of a supervised AI, custom workflows, natural language parsing and third party integrations designed to breathe life into automated conversations.


Campaign Toolbox

Solve the issues your customers face with intuitive, single-response systems. Anticipate potential issues with alerts and location-based campaigns.


Use Iris to respond automatically to specific triggers. Share your content, amplify your message and engage with people in real time, 24/7.


Deliver vital updates to your customers with an Alert Campaign that notifies opted-in customers of anything from service interruptions, transport delays or restocked inventory.


Put useful, location-specific information in the hands of your customers. Find the closest store, give directions to an event, provide weather data, or help find the best place for a great coffee. Location-based campaigns enhance real world experiences.


Conversation Engine

Enhance the capability of your brand’s customer support agents with the power of Iris.

Increase the efficiency with which your team handle common requests by automating intelligent conversations.


The Conversation Engine enables your customer support team to handle greater volumes without compromising customer experience.


Pre-qualify and gather data on behalf of the sales team, direct customers to the most appropriate care agent based on intent recognition and language, while incorporating the intelligence to  know when not to reply.


The Conversation Engine gives you complete control over your customer’s experience through a self-service interface. Analyse, assess and evolve your experience with the Dynamic Learning program.