Case Studies — See our work in action

TAFE South Australia


South Australia’s new TAFE Tonsley Park campus is a brand new, state of the art building with advanced educational spaces. The world of classrooms and lecture theatres has moved on from wall mounted touch screen panels and banks of light switches. These new spaces now leverage mobile technology to allow staff and students to control the physical space around them from their mobile or tablet. Proxima was engaged by Advanced Control & Acoustic (ACA) to make controlling the physical space a more seamless and intuitive user experience.


Proxima began by gaining a deep understanding of how the spaces were to be used by staff and students, looking at how they were to interact and control them. Proxima then designed and deployed an end-to-end solution that began with an Estimote iBeacon installed in every physical space around the campus (a total of over 200 iBeacons) and a tight integration with the ACA platform to enable control of the in-room lights, projectors and screens.


Staff and students enter theatres and rooms around the campus. Their movement in the space trigger the lights to come on and the room’s systems are activated. Their mobile or tablet detects the beacons in the room and immediately gives them access to that room’s lights, projectors and screens all from the palm of the hand.

Use Cases — Creative beacon concepts we have developed

Enhanced Live Music Event

Jessica's on her way to "Pods In The Park", her favourite summer music festival in Sydney. Before the festival she downloads the "Pods In The Park" iPhone app so she can see the timetable, venue map and take advantage of the location experience that Proxima provides.

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Interactive Exhibition Experience

Michael’s friend Yuki is visiting Melbourne from Japan. He wants to take her to his favourite gallery museum, Wick Galleries. Michael’s heard a lot about an exciting new exhibit at the gallery and really wants to check it out. The staff at the entry tell them that they can download the Wick Galleries' iPhone app which works as an interactive extension of the artworks they are looking at. Michael and Yuki download the app. Yuki would prefer to have all the content in her native Japanese, so the app lets her change the language easily. The pair walks past a Proxima iBeacon located at the entry. A "Welcome" message is displayed, showing a map with their precise location in the gallery and where each installation can be found.

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Cash Free Night Out

It’s Morgan’s birthday and his friends are taking him out to his favourite bar. To make things easier, they all get together and preload credit onto the bar’s app, which will let them buy drinks without taking their phones or wallets out of their pockets.

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