Iris gives your brand the power to create intelligent,
automated and on-demand conversations.


The Iris platform is a suite of tools comprised of a supervised AI, custom workflows, natural language parsing and third party integrations designed to breathe life into automated conversations. Designed to deliver relevant content in an engaging, human way.

Use Iris to start conversations with potential customers, then continue to build the relationship with responsive customer service. Analyse all Iris interactions, evolve, refine and improve with help from the Proxima team.

Iris enables people to engage with your brand on demand, using natural language, and your content. Using the intrinsic benefits of Twitter - speed, simplicity, and transparency - Iris allows your brand to automate conversations without compromising on authenticity.

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Marketing Engagement

Empower your customers to interact with your brand as Iris responds to a customer mention or as defined by you. Enhance your campaign effectiveness by expanding your reach and capacity to respond.

Never miss an interaction, stay on message, and allow your customer service agents to focus on more complex issues.

Target customers with relevant, engaging content based on geographic location and customer-supplied demographic information.

Maximise engagement and relevance with bespoke responses tailored to individual customer segments.

Stay front of mind with your existing customer base with intelligent reward programs, remarketing campaigns and targeted content.

Gain deep insights into your campaigns using analytics designed to measure success and identify potential opportunities.

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Customer Service

Provide the support your customers need, whenever they need it. With an intelligent response system managed by Iris, you're always available.

Expand your customer support capabilities using automated, interactive and defined responses to specific scenarios.  

Streamline pre- and post-sales support. Shorten the path to purchase. Enhance checkout flow, provide tracking and delivery information. Close the loop with immediate customer feedback.

Complete the sales cycle and maximise customer satisfaction with Iris’ automated follow-up system.
Dive into analytics, evolve, test and build greater customer service capacity.

Continual intelligence improvement with the Dynamic Learning program.


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